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Dear Morgan,

I managed to embarrass myself again.  I seem to do this at regular intervals. But I want to share this with you as it is quite funny.

I called in to drop something off at my friends work.  She’s a receptionist at one of the medical centres here. She’s also a great friend, with a great sense of humour and fellow photographer. I know a few of the others at this medical centre as well, all photography related, and it always seems such a great place to work – busy but relaxed, and lots of humour.

To give you somthrush1-01sm-Edite background, you know I love birds, and I have a resident bird in the garden who has been there for a while. Over the hot dry summer, I installed a small round swimming pool for it, and I loved watching it take a dip each morning and afternoon. At the end of January, I headed away for a week. When I came back my resident bird was no longer there. I wondered if another cat had picked it off, and I felt really sad. I had told my friend about the missing bird earlier in the week.

Anyway – this hot afternoon I was catching up with her at her work, and she was telling me about her daughters bird, and I suddenly remembered!

“oh oh – I said – guess what? – My Thrush is Back!” I said really excitedly. In my excitement I must have spoken just a tad loudly, and all of a sudden there was dead silence. I looked around and everyone was looking at me.  For a minute I wondered what I had said, then I realised I was in a medical centre and Thrush has a totally different meaning for them.  ‘The Bird – The Bird – Thrush – the brown bird” I said and everyone cracked up.

Heaven knows why they thought I’d be excited about the other kind of thrush!