About the Aliens

1100110011101010 Nanoo 0010011001100011001 Nanoo 1100011001001


We come from the planet Zorg. We are not supposed to be here. X11CP7 programmed the warp co-ordinates incorrectly for the wrong worm hole and now we are stuck on this planet (so called Earth) until our sister mother board ship comes to collect us.

We will henceforth go by the names Robyn and Morgan and write meaningful dialogues to each other so the Earth beings can be exposed to our planet’s higher form of rational logic which goes by model number TJ (which is very similar to the model used on Vulcan but without needing those annoyingly pointy ears that get stuck in things).

We come in peace – except when X11CP7 farts.

Y98R2 (Morgan)

PS. Comments are most welcome because, well, we are not really from this planet and don’t always know what we are talking about (especially that Y98 model… that one was dropped on it’s head in the factory).


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