I’m smarter than a mouse

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Fun, Humour

Dear Morgan,

I outsmarted a field mouse tonight.  This may be a funny thing to be proud of to you, but to me it was a jubilant moment.  Up there with winning lotto, or trips overseas.  Of even hearing again.  It also gives me hope for the human race.  Despite having morons running things like our health system, we do seem to be slightly higher up the food chain than a field mouse!

Cat is being quite challenging lately.  For the last week, she has ceased bringing in dead rabbits as offerings, and instead, bringing in little live presents of field mice.  These she lets go in either the lounge or my bedroom, then proceeds to chase around the room at 90kmh.  Occasionally catching them in her mouth, and at this stage of the proceedings I try to catch the cat and put both mouse and cat outside at the same time.  This doesn’t always work.  Either she drops the mouse inside just before she goes out, then I get left with mouse, or if I’m successful at getting both out, she runs round to her cat door at full speed and brings it in again before I can even get to the garage to lock it!

Two nights ago I was chasing a mouse around the bedroom.  I lost it.  Mouse: 1.0  Cat 0.0  Human 0.0

Last night I was chasing a mouse around the bedroom at 1.30am.  I lost it.  Mouse 2.0  Cat 0.0  Human 0.0

Tonight at 9.00pm I was chasing a mouse around the lounge.  I lost it.  Mouse 3.0  Cat 0.0  Human 0.0

But then I got a lucky break.  It peeked out from under the ranchslider door.  I crawled over to the door, put my finger down so it couldn’t get under it again, and miraculously, after two dummy runs I caught it barehanded.  It’s now outside.  Mouse 2.0  Cat 0.0  Human 1.0

I can’t help but think of other people at this stage.  There are some people (mainly females), that start screaming at the sight of a mouse.  Why?  They’re a). Tiny.  b). don’t bite  c). very cute.  They are not scary at all.  They don’t even have teeth that will hurt us, not like sharks.  They can get into extremely small spaces.  Is this what females are afraid of?  That they might invade personal space?   It wouldn’t happen – they are animals and need to ‘breathe!’

Anyway – I now have two left to catch.  Both in my bedroom.  I’m confident with my new-found skills I might get them in the next week or so.  Either that or the two that have been left to run around my bedroom will mate and by the weekend I’ll have 32 of them to catch!

Life is always interesting in the country.




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