One year later…

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Morgan,

A year has almost gone by again.  Rather rapidly too.  For some reason, earth years seem to go faster than the one on our planet.  Humans put this down to getting old.  I’m glad I’m not human!

I remember on our planet, that  one whole year would drag on and on.  A quarter into a year I used to ask – Is it Christmas yet?  On earth, it comes up so suddenly, that I suddenly realise that I have one day to buy presents on the 24th December!

This year marks my first Christmas away from Planet Auckland.  No crazy crowds shopping in malls.  Just quietness, punctured by the cat bringing in her pre-christmas gift wrapped in rabbit fur.  No traffic jams.  No being hit in the head by a bolt of material.  No sitting in queues at the supermarket that are so long that owners bring round lollies.  No grumpy people – everyone is all smiles.  It’s quite pleasant actually.  I could get used to it.

I decided also to dye my hair blonde.  On earth, blondes are meant to do dumb things, and sure enough, it didn’t take long for the blonde roots to grow into my brain, and once there,  blonde behaviour set in very rapidly.

I got up the other morning, thought I had left the tap on all night watering the vege garden.  I leapt out of bed, and in PJs and barefeet, opened the ranch slider of my room, and went out to the Vege garden.  Everything was soaked, everything wet – and I was thinking – Stupid me – leaving the tap on all night.  Got to the tap.  It was off.  I rubbed my eyes – yep – everything is wet.  Checked the tap again.  Then realised that it was pouring with rain and I was standing out in it.

It’s probably just as well I sleep in PJ’s and not nude!  The rabbits in the vineyard would never have been the same!

I shudder to think what else is in store for me in the next few months of being blonde!

I hope your year as an earthling has been good to you.  If you can get the spaceship going – head down this way for a bit of a break.




  1. I can’t believe you actually didn’t notice it was raining. This isn’t as bad as my latest blonde moment. Went to a restaurant the other day and decided to visit their bathroom. Real easy to get there. Just walk to the back of the restaurant, walk through “Ladies” door and turn left. Easy. When I came out again do you think I could figure out where the exit was back into the restaurant? Nooooooooooooooooooo. Got completely lost and ended up in the kitchen with the chefs. God, now I even need a Navman to find my way to the bathroom!

  2. You were just looking for a sexy German!

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