Word Art with Wordle

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Arty Stuff, Humour

Dear Morgan,

I really liked your previous post about  wordle and so have been having a bit of fun. I thought I’d do one with the Poem that Lia wrote for me about sharks. It came up like this…

I thought it looked so good thatI wondered  how your poem would look like.  So here it is…

This is what happens when one is bored and  can’t do anything because a leg is in plaster!



  1. Morgan (of Messages from Outerspace fame) says:

    That is rather interesting! Wordle takes into account how often you repeat words. So one presumes that gives us a clue as to what is on Lia’s mind. Your poem looks fine – mentions the point of the thing nicely – sharks, fears, pool, Robyn – in big letters. Not so with mine obviously with that gigantic TIME in the middle of the poem. Clearly that’s a bigger issue than I thought! Ha ha. Man she must be majorly pissed off with me!

    See this is what you get for mixing an ISFJ (Lia) and an INTJ (me) together, being that we are exactly the opposite (supposedly assuming this is actually true). See:

    NiTeFiSeNeTiFeSi vs

    ALL ISFJs I know (without exception) can tell you exactly what second of the day they are going to be doing something 6 months from now and exactly how many seconds it will take, and whether lunch will follow and what will be for lunch also! PLUS they have the added bonus of being able to recall their entire lives like this split second to split second without even blinking.

    An INTJ on the other hand can barely keep their heads out of la la land for longer than a second (common complaint on INTJ forum) and furthermore when they do tell time it’s likely to be in some crazy abstract version they’ve invented themselves like “decimal-hex liquid encoded revolving virtual multi-super stinged 11th dimensional space warp time”.

    God, no wonder she’s pissed!

    Morgan 🙂

    • I think TIME is a major issue for you and Lia. You will have to somehow programme this into a warp machine to get you to her place on time through a wormhole. As you’re so good with human computers, it probably won’t be difficult to do here on Earth! Of course on our planet it was never an issue, you just had to think it, and it would happen! Sigh – these humans are so slow 😛


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