Scared to Death

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Deafness, Humour, Psychology
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Dear Robyn,

I had a lot of fun this week laughing at the poems Lia wrote about us. I wonder though how many people thought she was exaggerating when she wrote about what scares us. The first time you told me you were phobic of sharks I thought that sounded perfectly reasonable until you mentioned they were sharks……in SWIMMING POOLS! Hilarious! I can just imagine trying to get you to swim with me would go like this:


Me: “Hey Robyn, I’m going swimming, want to come?”
You: “In a pool?”
“I can’t swim in a pool”
“Why not?”
“There might be a shark in there”
“(WTF!) Sharks can’t go in swimming pools”
“I know”
“So what’s the problem then?”
“Well, there might still be one in there anyway”
“But if you can see there is no shark in the pool what is there to worry about?”
“Well,..It might sneak in secretly when I’m not looking!”
“Sneak in? How is it going to get in there?”
“Through the filter system”
“Eh?! What sort of size shark are we talking about? A wee baby one or something bigger?”
“A Great White”
“How the hell is a GREAT WHITE going to squeeze in through the filter system?!”
“Um.. well, it might be one of those special ones with a body evolved especially for squeezing into filter systems”
“No sharks have ever evolved to exploit swimming pools. Richard Dawkins would have mentioned it!”
“Well, they could, there’s a first time for everything!”
“Er…. do sharks drink coffee in cafes too?”
“No, don’t be silly, of course they don’t! How the hell would a shark get into a cafe?”
“It might squeeze in through the milk frother”
“Now you are just being ridiculous. There are no sharks in Cafes”
“True, let’s just go and drink coffee!”

But it gets worse. I have been petrified of the tele ever since I was 4. How ridiculous is that! And not just stuff that most people would think is supposed to be scary but also really stupid stuff like music videos, kids cartoons and 15” ads. I am not 100% sure it is really a phobia. Maybe just the result of having a nervous disposition, super hyperactive imagination and a brain that insists on thinking about everything from 50,000 different angles in lots of depth whether I want it to or not. Looking for the truth behind the truth behind the truth and coming to the final conclusion in under 0.2 of a second that “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” Next Tuesday actually… right after lunch.” Which is true. Eventually!

(Case in point, when I was a kid Watership Down came out. My class watched it and all the kids thought it was a great movie about cutesy bunnies – except me who thought it was about police states, tyrannical Generals, vicious and cruel bullies, escapees being mutilated and put on display by them to discourage other escapes, insidious plots, the destructiveness of mankind, being farmed for food, buried alive, shot, stuck in traps, beaten up, bullied, frightening visions, blood filled fields and war. Which it basically is. Not sure what my classmates thought was cute about a story that starts with the line “Why do you cry out thus unless at some vision of horror?” I clearly missed the plot somewhere).

So you trying to get me to watch a movie with you would go something like this:

You: “Hey Morgan, want to come to my house and watch Watership Down on tele with me?
Me: “Sorry I can’t, I have a really, really important project I have to do tonight.”
“Razor my eyeballs”
“Ew painful. Wouldn’t you rather watch the movie with me? Way more fun. I have chocolate!”
“No. I’m happy with razoring my eyeballs thanks! I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”
“Well, that won’t take you long. How about you come over after you’re done?”
“Impossible sorry”
“Well, after I’ve finished doing my eyeballs I have to drown myself in the handbasin…so it could be rather a long time before you see me.”
“Wait a second… are you saying you are scared of the little cutesy bunny wabbits?”
“But they are only line drawings like Bugs Bunny.”
“And your point is?”
“How does that make a difference?”
“Sigh. Well, I’d really love to see you but I don’t want to miss the movie so how about you come over and I’ll watch with the sound off and lip read the bunnies and you can hide under the sofa with Kass the cat and read your book by torchlight and I’ll pass you  bits of chocolate on a long stick?”
“Sounds good. See you in half an hour.”

Anyway, since we have such silly phobias I thought we should at least have the courtesy to invent some Greek names for them since there don’t seem to be any yet. That will be because no one else is stupid enough to have phobias like this. Also I found out you have to do this in Greek apparently otherwise “fear-of-some-thingummywhatsit” doesn’t sound impressive and scientific enough. So far I got:

Selachophobia = fear of sharks.

Kinimatografophobia = fear of  films (but not being Greek theoretically speaking I could be saying anything. Fear of nostril hair for instance).

And just as I was feeling proud of myself for figuring out that lot I came across this impressive gem:

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia = fear of the number 666

Damn it! If I am going to have a phobia I at least want one with a decent sized name. Hmm how about:
Kinimatografohexakosioihexekontahexaphobia = fear of films with the number 666 in! (or if I am wrong, I’ve just said fear of films with 666 nostril hairs!)

A few days ago you hit a record number of comments to something you said on your Facebook page and it evolved into this topic and a couple of people joked that you and I should take our collective phobias to Waiwera Hot Pools where they have a Movie Pool and watch Jaws together! They have a sick sense of humour but I think we could do it. How’s this for a plan?

You bring the sexy guys Lia was talking about in her poem (I’m liking this already). Kass the cat and I will come kitted out in full scuba diving gear with a water proof book (anyone who knows where I can have scuba gear made for a burmese cat please contact me….) This way the two sexy guys can patrol the waters and keep imaginary sharks at bay with imaginary spear guns.  And Kass and I will be able to hide under the water in the scary bits and read (or check the filter system for stray Whites). There could be a slight complication where Kass and I overheat and die before the end of the movie but that’s just a minor shortcoming in my opinion. Done! See you there next weekend.

Cue shark music:
Doo….Dom…. Doo….Dom… Doo Dom Doo Dom DOO DOM DOO DOM DOODOMDOODOM

Morgan 🙂

  1. Robyn Carter says:

    Next weekend? No can do sorry.

    1). I’m still in plaster and can’t get my cast wet
    2). I still haven’t sourced those nose plugs which we’ll both need if we’re going underwater.
    3). Kassia doesn’t like Water
    4). Books aren’t waterproof
    5). There are too many sharks in the swimming pool


  2. So which one of us do you think would do this first… you get in the pool or me watch some of Watership Down? I consider I’ve made a head start since I MADE myself go look for an actual image from the movie to post here even though it freaks me out – bloody stupid rabbit.

    You up for it? You’re ESTJ – you can’t resist a challenge!

    Morgan 😛

  3. lol – I can easily get INTO a pool, it’s just that I may not stay there for long as my fear gets the best of me.

    By the way. Your assessment of Watership Down is correct. It’s far more than just a cutesy bunny story. It is a political, climatic statement, AND even I was shocked and scared too. I didn’t even enjoy the book!!

    I liked the song though 🙂


  4. I know! I know! If we go swimming I’ll cut my wrists with an imaginary knife and bleed imaginary blood into the pool and then the imaginary shark will eat me first giving you time to escape. How’s that for a plan?

    This begs a question… is there any other imaginary sea life in the pool? What about jellifish and stingrays? What if a U-Boat appears?

    Morgan 🙂

  5. Only sharks are intelligent enough to get through the filtration system silly. Uboats wouldn’t make it as they’re metal and would get stuck. (rolls eyes!)


  6. So if I go to Kelly Talton’s Underwater World and snorkel with the sharks will you come with me? I am completely serious… They will let you do it for $49. I’m quite keen. I’m actually more nervous about snorkelling than encountering the sharks…

    Morgan 🙂

  7. What, not even come watch me do it?


  8. I don’t like to see my friends being eaten! Not without hot chips anyway 🙂


  9. OK I will buy you chips…

    I have more chance of being killed in a car accident on the way there or struck by lightening than being eaten by the shark. Sharks are not normally dangerous. They probably put you in with the vegetarian ones anyway!


  10. I could record it on my camera. Then splash the gory images all over the internet so you will be remembered forever 🙂


  11. ET says:

    How can you humans live while being scared to death of dying?

  12. Morgan (of Messages from Outerspace fame) says:

    Ha ha ET. I know! What a silly paradox. Blame evolution. Survival of the most paranoid. I like blaming evolution because it is as blind and stupid as a vestigial organ. In fact let’s put a face on it and blame Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins invented evolution (and vestigial organs) – in his laboratory. So it’s all his fault!

    No I’m kidding.

    Morgan 🙂

  13. ET says:

    Humans are not that different from monkeys. Not that much smarter either, at least on an ET type scale! My guess is monkeys wouldn’t go swimming with sharks either. See link below for a comparison of man and monkey risk analysis…

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