Boredom and Oddities

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Morgan,

Today is day 23.  Day 23 of keeping my foot up all day.  Day 23 of sitting in one corner of the lounge with my foot up all day.  Day 23 of total absolute boredom.  I’m sick of reading.  I’m sick of TV.  I’m sick of computers.  I’m sick of the walking frame.  I’m sick of crutches.  I’m sick of my four walls.  I’d really like to get out and climb Mt Fishtail, or Mt Riley.  Or go skiing at Rainbow Valley.  Or throw snowballs.  There is nothing I’d like better than to cook a nice roast chicken.  Meals on Wheels just don’t cut it really.  Especially when you get three out of the five meals they supply, exactly the same.  Beef Casserole x3.  Sticky meat with mashed spud.  Ick.

I have 11 days left of plaster.  If it’s healed enough, the plaster will come off and I’ll have a bandage instead.  I’m hoping like hell it’s healed and I don’t have to have plaster again.

While stuck inside like this, I’ve been going through the junk mail and looking at the spring fashion, and planning some additions to my wardrobe.  I hope that there will still be clothes in the shop by the time I can get there.  I’ve also been looking at some bling.  Accessories.  You know – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nose plugs.

Yep, you read that right – nose plugs.  I found them on the internet on one of my boredom forays.  They’re only used by older women now, but that’s okay, we’re both getting on in our years and I figure we may as well try them out.  I actually think they look quite cool…

These nose plugs are used by the Apatani tribe in India.  However, since 1970, they haven’t been put in anyone, so only the older women use them now.  They were put in to make themselves look ugly so other tribes wouldn’t come over and rape or kidnap them.  I wonder if we could get them in use here as anti rape kits?  It also brings to mind the words – true love.   If a man loves them, then they are loved for who they are and not what they look like.  It would certainly weed out what a man is marrying you for wouldn’t it?  Money!  I knew it!!

But I still think they’re kinda cool.  There is one question I have though.  What happens if you have a cold?  If you sneeze, do the plugs go flying out and hit people in the eye?  If your nose is running – where does it run out of?  And do they come in different colours?  Green?  Yellow?  Red?



  1. nortikiwi says:

    Mmmm…those nose plugs could be very interesting to wear…think of all the things that could happen. The first thing that comes to mind is that if I am drinking coke and I start to laugh….you know what happens when you laugh with a mouthful of coke..would the force of the coke shoot them out like a geyser and hit someone in the eye? Or would the coke simply squirt out from around the edges of the nose plug, turning your face into a very pretty coke fountain?

    The mind boggles…

  2. We could always experiment 🙂

  3. Well you see Nortikiwi here comes the truth. The real reason the women have nose plugs is because they are astronauts. To launch themselves into space they swallow a whole packet of Mentos followed by a bottle of Coke, jump around to agitate the mixture and then VROOOOM! off into space they go. The purpose of the nose plugs is so the Coke doesn’t come out their nose otherwise they would simply fly in circles around the ceiling like a cat does after you’ve feed it Chilli Beans. It’s to make sure they go in a straight line…

    Then there is the other reason. There is no oxygen in space so breathing in this atmosphere is very injurious to one’s longevity of life. The nose plugs prevent the accidental inhilation of this non-oxygenated environment (which could have other nasties in it too like super sonic space hog influenza). This is a high tech technology which protects the astronauts 100% so long as they can make it back to earth in under 4 minutes and don’t burn up on re-entry….

    Morgan 🙂

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