Sharks in Pools

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Morgan,

The poem Lia wrote for you is so you.  It was hilarious.  Right down to the time keeping, personality, geekiness, nerdiness, and humour.  I laughed.    Told Lia I thought it was brilliant, and the next thing I found one in my email box for me which made me laugh even more.   I don’t barf with I laugh though like you.  So thought I would send it to you to read too.  Which has got me thinking.  Do you think we two should write one for Lia? I might have a go later today 🙂  I also now know why she’s swimming – read the last few lines…..

I can’t hear them coming, Robyn explained
I don’t want to get battered, beaten and maimed
And to avoid this, I have but one simple rule
I will never come swimming with you in a pool

I never knew a swimming pool could harbour such fears
As I have been swimming in said pools for years
I have always enjoyed swimming as a form of fitness
And such physical torture I have not ever witnessed

Not coming from the fear that Robyn explained
Of being battered, beaten  and maimed
But fears, we all have them, and avoid when we can
The things that stop us from a task at hand

For me, as a child, I was scared of the dark
For Robyn, in swimming pools, her fear is of sharks
Robyn is deaf, the very root of her fear
Is believing her deafness wont allow her to hear

A lone shark approaching her from behind
Even though, through my laughter, and tears I have tried
To tell her that there’s no exception to the rule
That no one can hear a shark swim in a pool

Not only this, but sharks swim in the sea
They need salt-water to live, not chemicals and chlorine
What about the size of the shark and the pool
There must have been very small sharks at her school

Cos our pool was only about 35 feet
Too small I would think, for most sharks to retreat
I’ve asked Robyn to swim with me sometime this year
As I swim 10,000 lengths for charity to quash all her fears

I have been swimming for 10 days with no sharks to be seen
Nor a dolphin, or Nemo, or other fish of the sea
So don’t try to listen for sharks that aren’t there
Simply let go of your irrational fear

Let your phobia fall on deaf ears tonight
And no more give in to the fright
There’s so much more to be enjoyed with the gift of your sight
Those male swimmers and their bodies are a pure delight

  1. Holy hell Lia, this is awesome! Laughed my arse off.

    Now we know the real reason you wanted to swim 10000 lengths of the Millenium Pool! I am sure you could get Robyn to swim with the imaginery sharks if George Clooney joined your Swim 10000 efforts!!!

    Morgan 🙂

    • swim10000 says:

      Well Morgan,

      As you know, I am, unfortunately, very short-sighted, and so don’t get to enjoy the view 😛 Robyn, however? The observation of the male swimmers was simply for her benefit. Something nice for her to focus on, to take her mind off her fears. As for George Clooney, I think I may have seen him there, but with my sight, who knows? Only one thing for it. Get Robyn to the pools. Although, is she likely to recognise him in speedos? Then again, I don’t want to know the answer to that!

  2. Hi Lia, well I think I came up with a plan to get Robyn to go to the Waiwera Pool. Forgot to get George Clooney into the plot though… See my Scared to Death blog…

    By the way I can’t see either in the pool so if we go swimming together it could be interesting trying to find each other in the pool. Will have to swim up to people and go “can you see a girl who looks like xyz anywhere near here?” I’ve tried this before. People look at you weird, give you directions and then once you’ve wasted all your effort swimming over the to person they pointed you to realise it isn’t your friend!

    Morgan 🙂

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