Wordle Your Way Out of Boredom

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Fun, Humour, Websites
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Howdy Robyn,

Hope everything is going well with your foot and you are managing OK as hoppy, haven’t become dizzy, tripped over the cat, choked on the cat or worse, died of boredom!

Just in case you are going spare while you are unable to galavant all over the countryside like you normally do (you’re not I hope!) I thought I’d tell you about the fun site I found today via a fellow Muser*. It’s called Wordle and it takes a bunch of words and makes them in to an artwork or “word cloud”. Looks awesome. You’re a writer so I figured you’d love it. The crazy Muser posted up some of Matt Bellamy’s lyrics and they looked quite profound like that so I thought I’d have a go at posting two of my songs (No One Will Know and Centre of Gravity) through the Wordle machine and see what it made of them. Here’s the result:

Looking at them like that is weird. Now I can’t imagine how I crammed all those words into one place. If you would like to have a play here is the link to Wordle

Morgan 🙂

*Muser = obsessed demented Muse fan who lives online on the Muse Boards. Not to be confused with regular “Muse fans” who resemble normal sane people. According to singer Matt Bellamy, Musers are completely crazy and he would definitely want to be one if he weren’t actually in Muse himself. I am a Muser, therefore this must mean I am crazy and also not a member of Muse …. Good to know…

  1. Wow – the art is fabulous. I’m going to have a play. Am thinking of writing a word art of my first bowel movement after a week flat on my back. I could look quite amazing. If I manage to get it right, I’ll post it up for you to see!

    It even allows you to add in a blog entry. I thought of adding the Perky Boobs one. Or my Blonde moments one. I’m going to have so much fun.

    In between I’ll try and write you a another blog post!

    Off to play now!


  2. Yes, I want to see one from you! Kind of nervous about what you will write ….

    I’d be keen to see any from our readers too. I think it’s fantastic.

    Morgan 🙂

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