Bog Roll Holder

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Humour

Dear Morgan,

You cracked me up with your descriptive piece about shopping for toothbrushes and bog roll holders.  I was wondering if your vibrating christmas decoration was really used as a toothbrush, or whether it’s something else disguised in the toothbrush section of the supermarket.  I think you need to go back and research this further, perhaps even going as far as experimentation.  Please don’t do this in the supermarket though.  Otherwise you may have some explaining to do to, the men in  blue, or ones in white coats!

However, I have come across the very thing for your ” latest breathable, micro-weave, quilted bog roll paper”.  It’s this…

The new bog roll ‘bottom feeder’ holder.  This very ‘cheeky’ holder is a must in every bathroom.  It is bound to be the talking point  at every boardroom meeting or dinner party.  One would have to be ‘anal’ not to install it.  I wonder if it comes with sound effects?  (I’m so glad I’m deaf!)

Though the question I have to ask is……  If the silky soft, breathable, microweave, quilted bog roll paper broke off… would YOU insert your finger inside to get it out again?

I’d be very keen to know!



Dear Robyn,

God, I knew it wouldn’t take long for this blog to deteriorate to the point where your FILTHY sense of humour got revealed. How you kept your dreadful sense of humour from me for two years when we first met I’ll never know (why you thought I was so innocent I would be offended to discover it is a little disconcerting. Do I really look that … pure? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?) I can see it was a good thing I made this blog R13!

The slightly disturbing thing about that photo is that I reckon it’s actually a real ad in a public toilet! Mens’ toilet I am guessing. Sorry boys but you guys do tend to have filthier toilets than the girls (I know this because once when the local pool was renovating the ladies had to borrow the men’s toilets for a week – and hell what an education I got reading the walls!) So would I retrieve the lost paper? Well, no because you’d never see that sort of thing in the ladies!!!!

Morgan 😛

  1. BigBear says:

    The perfect addition to the loo – would be a fun item to have in a bar!

  2. I am sure there are a lot of places that thing would be quite amusing!

    Morgan 🙂

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